"More surprising than learning under the mentorship of Laboratório Sociocriativo is how it transforms your manner of looking at, and understanding of, daily events, thus illuminating our relationship with delicate moments."

Charles Oliveira | co-founder Estúdio Laborg | São Paulo


Peripheral Networks and New Centralities| the work of Latin American Artists and Culture Makers in London

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According to South African thinker Allan Kaplan, to paraphrase Bernard Lievegoed, "when the center acquires too much power, it becomes rigid, falls into anonymity, and an intractable and faceless tyranny emerges. The center seeks to maintain structural order at all cos...

Through dialogical practices based on listening to the participants’ life histories – inspired by the approach of the German poet, writer, and scientist Wolfgang Von Goethe when observing natural phenomena – the workshop offers a path of experiences to make visible the...

Held in Brussels, the Cine Luso Espirito Mundo is a meet-up gathering different aspects and nationalities of Lusophony through dialogic processes, as movie debates or residency for the creation of a collective film.

The founder of the Laboratório Sociocriativo (Socio-cr...